Jessica William

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PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I just want to be a Disney Princess, okay? True Love from Frozen (accompanied by my dad 🥺) Funny how the little impromptu moments end up being the best performances....

oh to be a robot called newme virtually showing yuzuru hanyu some sharks from his ✨ upgraded ✨ sendai white wall bunker

(i’m like 90% sure it was from a cyanide- containing compound we were evaporating but who fucking knows at this point)

literally i was like “what’s that sweet smell?” and my partner was like “huh it kinda smells like almonds” and we both just kinda

literally me last week tho 😭😭

this ending slaps

all i want is a tessa/yuzu ice dance team where she lifts him, is that too much to ask?

yuzu plays with kittens and answers questions (commission for @notttestellata🐱)

S/H cunniliftus coming?? — I hoot and I holler at the concept

When her beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair 🚩🚩🚩

Me restarting the song bc the part that hurts me the most didn't hurt me enough

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day I wanted to provide another thread of films that feature Indigenous Peoples. It’s been so so amazing to see how Indigenous creatives have used and are using film and art to navigate identity and personhood. These are some of my favorite films

Today is . It’s a day we can ALL spend… 👉🏾Reading Indigenous authors 👉🏾Learning about the history of Indigenous peoples 👉🏾And Listening to our Indigenous brothers and sisters

I was going fucking crazy trying to solve it , and now my mean brain is trying to convince me that i just read the equation wrong but like?? I reread it sooooo many times trying to figure out what i was doing wrong i feel like i would have noticed that

Professor, please, p-chem exams are hard enough, you don’t have to give me a (presumably) unsolvable equation that doesn’t match the one on your key.

if ao3 goes down I go down with it

This meme explains it all😆

actually that’s not special effects, he just glitters like that irl