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Jessica William

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[📂] REST. - admin

[📂] i'm sorry but i think i'll stop updating for now and continue updating tmrw morning. all this is a bit too much for me to handle as well as trying to finish off my assignments. if i ever decide to continue updating today's msgs, i will do so! i hope you understand! - admin

[📂] sorry I'll take a little break ! i'll update these msgs later on , all is a bit too stressful for me - admin

[📂] i'm possibly going to drop down into tears oh god /hj - admin

[📂] yeah that's , that that yeah .. that's a problem

[📂] + me i feel like something is gonna come out , and then even if i'm sitting against a wall , i feel like something's gonna come , y'know like some hands are gonna come out and grab my neck or i don't know , i feel like im gonna sink or whatever , but that's ... +

🐥💭 [210926] 10.15PM KST 🗣️ (ENG) i'm a huge fan of zombie movies but , if it comes to ... like ghosts , honestly they're my .. huge weakness , and , i just can't , it's just so unimaginable that it's so scary , uhm even if it's just sitting , sitting down and looking behind +

🐥💭 [210926] 10.14PM KST 🗣️ ( he translates it into english in the next vm )

🐥💭 [210926] 10.06PM KST 🗣️ alright , i'm a baby then .. i have no choice but to admit that i just can’t watch horror movies

[📂] + like i dont understand horror movies , comedy and just rom-com , they make everything so much more peaceful and warm and so .. yeah , i have alot of fears

🐥💭 [210926] 10.05PM KST 🗣️ yeah so the more that i think about it , i get so scared , like it's so ... these days ive been turning the lights on or .. maybe just listening to a bit of asmr or watching a bit of rom-com , comedy action , but honestly comedy is just the best ! +

[📂] + or watch a bit of a fun movie , fun movies just have a better vibe and are much more healing than horror movies , watching action , romcoms , or comedy movies are soooo much more healing , seriously , i mean it , i have alot of fears ..

🐥💭 [210926] 10.04PM KST 🗣️ alright i’m gonna stop talking about it , the more i think about it .. i don't think i'll be able to sleep , ahh ~ .. anyway these days i sleep with the lights on it’s more relaxing , i listen to alot of asmr and warm music +

[📂] + probably like two , three people , but still i feel sorry for them

🐥💭 [210926] 10.01PM KST 🗣️ (ENG) i can't watch horror movies by myself , so i feel so sorry to the person next to me , cause i'm always holding on and i can't let go of them , ever , literally , im only in the spot with atleast one person , no one person isnt even enough +

🐥💭 [210926] 10.00PM KST 🗣️ ( he translates it into english in the next vm )

[📂] felix i think i'll cry harder than u rn. /j - admin

[📂] + instead of like tears coming out , it feels like like like showers of water coming out , literally . so yeah i gave up on horror movies

🐥💭 [210926] 09.58PM KST 🗣️ (ENG) i can never watch horror movies , ever . no matter how hard i try , no matter how fun i try to watch it , i still can't understand why it's so fun . uhm , everytime , everytime i watch it , i used to cry so much , or uhm +