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Jessica William

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In 2002, under Gen Musharraf's regime, Ahmed Rabbani was picked up by Pakistani authorities in Karachi and sold for a cash bounty to the CIA. They claimed he was wanted Al Qaeda member Hassan Ghul. He was actually a taxi driver.

He used his extraordinary eloquence to hide his lack of empathy and compassion.

Halanky unko tou fursat e nae milni chahye aik doosry se

I genuinely think that the pressure for tomorrow's match is on rather than . Kohli has to avoid becoming the first captain from India to lose against Pak in a world cup and if that he is doomed forever.

Non-traditional format use but it makes sense

میرے کفتان کے چرنوں کا انتظام ہو سکتا جنہیں ہم چھو سکیں روحانی طورپر ؟

"Ma Belle" by AP Dhillon, Amari on

LOUDER!!!! I just wish he stood his crowd on this stance.

Should have dug it from kamonki to Gujranwala, it really needs a repair anyway.

Guys dua karay meri Mamia Jsk se shaadi ho jae 🙏🙏🙏

And Atif played a big part too. 😝

Tuhi Meri Shab Hai [Full Song] Gangster- A Love Story via

The hot debate in Britain after the American revolution.

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The moment where Pakistan lost to India in 2016

Fawad Alam played 3 T20 World Cups. Pakistan won 1 and reached semi finals in the other two!