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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Adding Love the Risk To Reward Here. Chart Looks Bottomed Here at .06x Not Much Resistance Back to .16 and .40 So Could Make a Huge Move. Only 127mm Float MJ, Gold, Silver, Water - Love The "Multifaced Business" Description.

sad to see the negativity around since people got caught holding bags. But I've been down here <.08 just accumulating off other wins. This is going to set a higher floor with decent chance for high gains when the next news cycle comes through in November.

A lot of things planned over the next few weeks ... 🤑🤑

will be huge guys🤩 iBG Finance, the World’s 1st and only insured DeFi project. The transaction is valued at USD 185,000,000 ▪️TARGET : 0.25

#1 pic.. millionaire maker stock..super low float. billions in gold hempacco future looks good load up ce coming off soon...s1 filled. 10-20 bagger easy...used to be 30c time to start loading these up for 100% waiting for a pull back..

WATCH OUT .... On the verge to release MAJOR news ... ◻️ 500M o/s ◻️ $34M MC ◻️ $0.067

About to cut & May as well add them to the & trains. 99% likelihood is better than 85% likelihood in my mind

TOMORROW CAN BE THE “moon” day ... 🤷🏼‍♂️▫️ Pink current ▫️ Merger right after after ▪️ ▪️

▪️Huge volume and UP 8%.... ▪️Look below..., acquisition and Nasdaq coming 🤩

news coming soon!

any day now BOOM!

TIME for to go over 0.04 BEFORE the next acquisition... BOOK VALUE of is 0.038 This will explode soon 🤯▪️TARGET : 0.25

This is just the beginning mega move coming calling on all bulls strong hands here holding long!

Let's go

More like out of 4000 companies, 25 are silly solid and 3975 are a "damn joke" I'm interested in 5 out of the 25 and a handful at a time to capitalize jokes on. 😆