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Jessica William

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“It’s pretty shit world that we live in but atleast taehyung and jimin met❤️”- a thread

for every vocalist yoongi moment there is always a fond jimin nearby

taekook and their play date with bam

When jin and Hobi was practicing MAMA and Taehyung suddenly sang "I'm a bartender" with his whole chest because he thought it was the lyrics when it supposed to be "appa bandaeedo" and they were loosing it 😭

Shipping isnt about ur ship being “the most canon of all the other ships” its about having fun, being dumb and writing 100 different confession scenarios in ur head

Back with matching layouts with the loml 🥺❤️❤️❤️

Today i offer you baby j

I hope you all know member and duo focused acc exist and there is NOTHING wrong with that ??? And if you gonna make a stupid thread like this how about include all the shippers not just tk you hypocrites

Esha write this pls I need it for surviving purposes 😭

Not “so called ot7s” proving everyday they come here for REACH 👀

Don’t share anything she just rejects it 😞

whereJungkook, a photographer who loves to enjoy life everyday when one day meets kim taehyung, a painter who always paint black and white paintings with a sad and heart wrenching meaning to it tries to warm his cold heart but what if the latter doesn’t want him to?

taekook as melody and kuromi ~

19.7 cm long hand with a baby face ♡


When I say cute you say ?👀

Daily I love Ishi tweet 🥺❤️

Aymiiiii I am waiting impatiently for this one 😭😭😭

How do you get these amazing ideas I am just 😭❤️