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Jessica William

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We’ve been busy with single player games sry not sry

Sakura Petals Style is available for Pickup in the Gumball Machine starting today🌸🌸 Check out the gorgeous cherry blossom patterned Japanese style outfit and hair accessory✨✨ Outfit is available until 12/1 18:59 (PDT)!

配線治してメガドライブ版ゼノクライシス用パッド2個目完成。 今回は人の手に渡るので、ガワが空いてたりとみっともない事無い様に、キッチリ高さ調整しました。相変わらずの素人工作だけど、使い易いよ(´∀`)! そして犠牲になったNEOGEOパッドに合唱…

Welcome to the B-Side Expansion Pack Twitter Account. B-Side Expansion Pack is a mod dedicated to making other already existing mods in the bside style, with complete design and music overhauls. [[NOT OFFICIAL OR AFFILIATED WITH @/bside_remixes.]]

Oh, those models? I use MikuMikuDance for the 3d models. The models I used were from a Switch game called Ninjala. You should probably play the Ninjala game, get the models and use MikuMikuDance for it.

The first of my batch of requests is done, this one features 's Dek and Vii. To the people I promised a request to, I'm very sorry that it's taking so long, I've got a lot of personal stuff going on so I hope you don't mind waiting for them.

No funnies today but here's some wholesomeness for your tl Request made by

My S6 Home Run Surfer kit currently looks like this. It certainly brings out the strengths of the weapon, but how should I keep people in Poison without spin stun on NA2/NA3...? I often need to chase weakened targets after they escape, even with Utsusemi instead of Giant Killer.

It's early, but I feel like I'm understanding Surfer a lot better now. The Boon is way easier to use when you've got it active for most of the match and the ninjutsu gain from Strike Big 3 plus your big weapon Special is insane! I'm going to see how this set does for a while.

I was close! This build suits me much better. Ninjutsu Stock is nice and all, but I'd often find myself with too much Poison to use. That card is probably better in Team Battle, but for Battle Royale you can't go wrong with Stealing Hyena to complement Surfer's big damage.

Time to whip out the apex cosplay. Idk which character/skin imma do yet.

I can port it but on mmd :V

Friends and loves! I would like to announce to ya'll our 3rd Scrapstar Showoff! This event's theme is cosplay! Show us your best character inspired outfit (provide reference) in the comments for a chance to win a render by either or More details below

👀 if you want to support me : Callie model by and

Male Starfire is awesome...😚

Give a warm welcome to Cassandre Amity!! Or just Cassy for short! 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ She's an outgoing gal who loves to shop for attire and going to the beach. Sun and Style is her motto! 🧡🛍️ [ / Do not repost/steal ]