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Paul Pogba. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Everyone will talk about the goalscorers but don’t sleep on the baller who got this team cooking tonight. Subbed on at 66 minutes but the clock should have read 666. Demon time once La Pioche stepped to the pitch.

Then he got another change which resulted in us scoring 2 goals as soon as he came on, hold dat

He saw the MNF comments, I haven’t seen him run as much as he did tonight since 2016

That Ronaldo goal vs Liverpool is gonna be next level

This fanbase said he was/is the problem 😂😂

Fred 2nd half performance was good even if our overall midfield play wasn’t great though. He always guarantees you a 7/10 minimum on a CL night

We were good going forward in general tonight but midfield + defensive unbelievably bad again. Midfield only fixed up once Pogba came on

Should never even be in a situation where we’re 2-0 down at home to Atalanta. Start like that against Liverpool and we’re holding 5

I know those comebacks are enjoyable but Ole still needs to go idc. It’s just delaying the inevitable

🗣 Arsene Wenger: "When Pogba came on, Fernandes became better. Fernandes had a poor first half, but in the second half became a knife." [beIN]

Paul Pogba! Changed the game. Just left Old Trafford. I was watching Mctominay and he wasn't showing for the ball, it was going to our fullbacks. With Pogba, he showed for the ball. He then played incisive passes. Difference.

That flick he made through the players leg for Sancho too loool, he came on with a point to prove

Bruno’s 1st half performance had me fuming loool, he stepped up big time in the 2nd half though

Paul Pogba's cameo vs Atalanta

Pogba/Sancho subs changed the game though, especially Pogba