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Jessica William

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You know what hurts... when people treat misogyny, sexism, and racism as political. It's not. It's personal.

Here’s a thread for words of 23 emotions that people feel but can’t explain

Just did a massive massive massive pitch. I am so ready for whatever is next.

Sleeping hungry, corruption, femicide and GBV rates, violent homophobia, ableism, ageism, besides a million other things in 🇰🇪, are all akchwally demeaning to Christianity... Yet nobody's banning daily TV news. PS. KFCB is not constituted by law to be a religious marking scheme.

Freedom of expression is exactly that. Freedom. To choose to watch or not to watch. To allow people to live, love, breathe without interference. Denial or attempted erasure of people has no place in a country whose national motto is Peace, Love & Unity.

R.I.P. Lee “Scratch” Perry, March 20, 1936 – August 29, 2021. Here he is recording The Upsetters and Junior Murvin and The Heptones at his Black Ark studio in Kingston in 1977. From the documentary film “Roots Rock Reggae.”

I’m sending a personalized advance copy of Noor to my good friend and writing partner . We have ideas, 😉. 🌪🦾✨

I am so excited about this book. It speaks to the true power of RADICAL HOPE.

Today in my class, we're discussing Africanfuturism. Check out these short stories & this short film: Spider the Artist by : Rusties by & : Short film JONAH by

"When they say divide and conquer, we say unite and ascend" THANK YOU!!!!!! For the bravery of your LIGHT!

Roped in into a secret project. I'm so excited we finally get to co-create together!!!!!!

"If you don't put your finger towards equity and justice, it will lead towards injustice" Rev Sue Phillips | Sacred Design

Again and again and again, men show us who they are... and we choose to protect them. Again. For how long? And how many women need to suffer before we listen?

It’s always a joy receiving another masterpiece!!! Thank you friend!!!

Please may we all take a collective moment of silence in gratitude for this! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

CONGRATULATIONS to and for being part of the class of 2021!!! are not ready for ya'll!!!