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Jessica William

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Hi ! We noticed that your app doesn't seem to recognize newest song, Rock with you. Its the title track of the   album and what's really odd is that its the only song of the album that your app can't recognize. We hope you fix this issue soon.

drop template for Shazam !

rocking with seventeen

I can’t run away

it’s so good

on imperfect love

Welcome to SEVENTEEN's Comeback Show 'Attacca'🔥 @ HYBE LABELS YOUTUBE CHANNEL ✔2021.10.23 9PM (KST) ✔2021.10.23 8AM (ET)

does anyone know what is this new svt song ?? I think there’s just dk in it

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[17'S 원우] Attacca

K-pop stars Seventeen have released a new highlight reel/music video medley featuring snippets of every song from their next EP, 'Attacca.'

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 9th Mini Album 'Attacca' Highlight Medley ▶ 🎼2021.10.22 1PM (KST) 🎼2021.10.22 0AM (ET)

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dino finally came back 😭